About Us

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 Jay Luck, Master Hypnosis and NLP practitioner is a member of a newly formed, fast growing hypnosis organization called the International Hypnotists Training Association (IHTA). As an IHTA member, Jay trains people to be excellent, successful, mature students of self hypnosis and hypnotists that are qualified to assist others in reaching their own potential. Our Wisconsin Hypnosis Training Center's motto is "Maturity through God's consul with personal accountability." Jay's partner in the Wisconsin Hypnosis office in Appleton, WI, Michael Weist is an instructor for the IHTA and speaks at seminars held at various locations throughout the US. Michael also offers yearly mentorship programs, where he is available to mentor other hypnotists and professionals to achieve success.


 Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), Michael is honored to be a member & presenter at their annual convention. He began learning and practicing hypnosis at the age of 30. Now, as a hypnosis professional, Michael takes pride in opening many minds through hypnosis education, hypnotizing literally thousands of people to ultimately improve their lives.


 Michael and Jay are the Directors and Owners of Apple Valley Hypnosis in Apple Valley, Minnesota, and Wisconsin Hypnosis in Appleton, Wisconsin, where he and his staff conduct thousands of sessions each year, successfully guiding clients to their desired results.


 Jay also practices in Hawaii and California, several times a year. In 2014 he has plans to open in Chennai, India.


We help others in following their dreams to become excellent hypnotists and NLP professionals or simply to learn self hypnosis for their own use. The students may choose to receive extensive training to become certified hypnotists from instructors with experience running a busy hypnosis practice.


We work with individuals from all areas of life from corporate to small businesses with the mission to raise public awareness in order to improve their quality of life through information on maturity, accountability, responsibility, family values, morals, and ethics.


We are available for corporate speaking, motivational talks, comedy stage hypnosis shows, personal mentorship, on-site consultations and more.

“A Personal Note From Michael”

 We have now been practicing Hypnosis for over nineteen years. During that time, we have invested thousands of hours with clients, training new hypnotists, creating hypnosis audio programs and learning. We have been teaching others and inspiring them to step into who they want to be, and accept that they deserve to be happy. You may want to discover for yourself what you can accomplish when you release fear, limitations, and learn to be who you want to be, in relationships, money or self love. Don’t miss the boat. Figure it out now, while you are still young enough to know the difference and wise enough to take action.

If you have fears of public speaking, or being on stage, or you just want to be more confident and spontaneous, you can overcome these fears. I have, and it is worth it. Imagine how fun it would be to know that you can get up anytime, anywhere and speak to a group of people, feeling confident and spontaneous. You can do this! Make your fear a thing of the past.

There is so much that is new and exciting, as we explore the potential of the mind to heal the body, and to have confidence where there was once fear. THANK YOU to each and every one of our clients, for making this such a fascinating time in our lives, and we look forward to learning and sharing more.

Jay Luck