Have you lost someone?

Feel like you aren't you anymore?

Feel overwhelmed, lost and confused?

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Check out what clients have to say:

"Sadness after the death of a pet! Feelings of being alone. Feeling unfocused and scattered. Trying to handle the grief on my own. Crying-Crying-Crying. Feeling the need to move on but not knowing how. Sessions at Wisconsin Hypnosis, showing me how to get beyond the grief. Its like a light blub moment. I needed a teacher and they were there. Thank you. I leave here lighter of heart. I couldn't have done it alone. "
Karen R. Green Bay

"I originally came to Wisconsin Hypnosis for weight loss, but was surprised to find out they also help with grief. No I feel at peace with my husband dying. I had no idea I had so much anger inside of me. I am extremely happy they could help me"
Jean R. Berlin WI

"Wow! I just got done with my session for grief over my 3 yr old son passing 22 years ago. I have been carrying this sadness, guilt for so long. If I would have know that 2 hrs of sitting down & talking & learning what they taught me to find in myself to stop the pain I would have done this years ago. Today I am leaving with a new life to enjoy my other children & husband. I know its ok to feel happy again- What a gift I have received today, my son that passed would have been 25 years old today. Thank you so much. You have helped me with a life struggle of sadness I would have never dreamed could go away. Thank you."
Sherrie M. Appleton WI

"I lost my wife of 26 years to cancer, my best friend, my companion. The next 3 years from September- December, I would be pretty depressed with her birthday, our wedding anniversary, plus the holidays coming one after the other. I didn't want to go on meds for depression. I worked with Wisconsin Hypnosis on my grief. The change was amazing in just 3 hours. I had to be really truthful to myself which was pretty hard, but when that happened it felt like a big weight was lifted off me. I would recommend that to anyone dealing with a loss, it does change your life."
Carl K Shiocton WI

Wisconsin Hypnosis has designed a program to help you feel whole again. FREE yourself from the pain while you are grieving, Feel "normal"so you feel like you can live again.