Breaking Bad Habits Quickly

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A habit is a craving for something that induces a temporary pleasure but eventually leads to long term problems and pain. Hundreds of millions of people have lived and died with a habit, that over time, undermined their health, job, relationships, and overall happiness. The latest breakthroughs in brain science and into the subconscious mind, are keys to finding shortcuts that make breaking bad habits quick and effortless. Let’s take a look at the science.

A recent Department of Psychology, Columbia University, review paper states,

“Memory is essential to adaptive behavior because it allows past experience to guide choices. Emerging findings indicate that the neurotransmitter dopamine, which signals motivationally important events, also modulates the hippocampus, a crucial brain system for long-term memory.”

All addiction and craving begins with the neurotransmitter dopamine and it’s release in the cerebral cortex. The new breakthrough is discovering the relationship between dopamine (the reward system of the brain) and memory. Almost all craving has an element of memory associated with it. If you have a bad habit you know how this goes. Something triggers a memory and all of a sudden, you are smoking that cigarette you vowed to give up, or breaking your diet, or drinking that beer.

Certain memories are rooted deeply in our subconscious and therefore are rooted very firmly, difficult to access, and even harder to change. That is the real reason cold turkey doesn’t work and people spend decades trying to drop a bad habit or addiction with little to no success.

We have had tremendous success working with guided-self hypnosis in our clinic. Patients that have spent years trying to lose weight, quit smoking, or overcome a fears have benefited greatly with the latest techniques in hypnosis. Our secret lies in accessing the Subcortex, or the subconscious layers of the brain, and identifying memories that keep addiction rooted in place . Through hypnosis can we eliminate the cause of craving at the core and replace it with healthier habits and new patterns that keep you living a long and happy life.

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