The Top 3 Myths (that people keep buying into) About Quitting Smoking


 Myth #1:  Quit Smoking Medications are Safe and Effective

This is the #1 myth due to the serious dangers associated with this type of treatment. The side effects related to these drugs may shock you. In fact, the harmful results of smoking may be preferable to the deadly side-effects of the most widely touted and over-hyped prescription medications.

Here is a disclaimer from one of the most commonly used prescription drugs used to quit smoking: “Some people have had changes in behavior, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions while using xxxxxxxx to help them quit smoking….Some people had seizures during treatment with xxxxxx…Some people can have serious skin reactions while taking xxxxxxx, some of which can become life-threatening.” Billions of dollars are spent

This is the absolute last resort for treatment. In fact, you are far more likely to be healed by spontaneous divine intervention than these toxic drugs.



Myth #2 Cold Turkey Works
Sorry folks, the research is clear. Cold turkey does not work. If you quit cold turkey your odds of success are only 12%. Cold Turkey only works for a small percentage of the population that already have most of the conditions in place necessary for dropping this habit. (these conditions will be discussed in our next blog). Don’t get us wrong, lifestyle changes (like giving up drinking alcohol) increase your chances of putting the cigarettes down but research has shown that cold turkey can actually make drive your habit deeper than ever.


Myth #3 Hypnosis Doesn’t Work
The University of Maryland Medical Center as well as John Hopkins University state “Hypnosis is used to learn to control bad habits, pain, stress and many other health conditions. “


Even the AMA admits that hypnosis is an effective and valuable treatment for weight loss, quitting smoking, as well as a variety of habits that do not respond to mainstream medical treatments. Hypnosis is one of the most recognized and accepted modes of treatment that consistently out-perform placebo, medication, and lifestyle changes compared to any other. If you or somebody you know is trying to quit smoking and has tried every other method. then NOW is the time to try hypnosis. Try an effortless and affordable method that stimulates the brain to simply stop (and drop)the craving.

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